Gina K. Designs for Therm O Web Adhesive Dot Refill 2-pack makes it easy to have extra on hand. This refill fits in and requires the Gina K Designs for Therm O Web Adhesive Dot Runner (#18084) dispenser.

Product Details

  • 2 Refills included: total of 60 feet (18.2 m)
  • Permanent, clear, smooth double-sided adhesive dots
  • Photo safe & acid-free
  • Refill for #18084


  1. Remove protective cap.
  2. With applicator laying flat, lightly depress button on the bottom center of runner labeled PUSH and flip top half of case up.
  3. Lift out used cartridge.
  4. Drop new cartridge in case.  Make sure it is completely seated flat before closing the case.


  • Use slow and consistent pressure for best results

    SKU: 18085
    Gina K Designs Adhesives / Dot Runner / Refill
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