Has your ink pad starting to run dry?  Stamping with a dry ink pad will lead to frustration and poor image quality! Grab yourself a matching Color Hive Re-Inker and never be without a juicy ink pad again.

Our Color Hive Inks' are perfect for all your stamping projects. Use with our Easy Watercolor Stamping system, paint with it, smoosh with it, or stamp with it.  Plus, they're alcohol marker friendly and won't bleed or smudge. Colors blend beautifully because they stay wet for a few seconds. Also, they are water reactive and can be spritzed with water to create splotchy and water flicking backgrounds. Add embossing powder to a stamped image while it's still wet to create a heat embossed texture.

Maker Forte’s Color Hive re-inkers come in a .5 ounce refill bottle and are acid-free and non-toxic. 

Made in the USA

Coronation Purple is part of the British Banter color family that includes: Telephone Box, Red Leicester, English Mustard, Hyde Park, Cotswold Green, British Racing Green, Welsh Dragon, Tartan Teal, Windsor Blue, Doctor Blue, Coronation Purple, Scottish Thistle, Sugar Plum, and Tiptree Jam

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Color Hive Re-inker - Coronation Purple
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